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Santa Claus, Indiana

Family Fun for Everyone

Originally known as Santa Claus Land, Holiday World & Splashin' Safari was first opened August 3rd 1946. The park was originally conceived by Louis J Koch when he noticed that children would travel to Santa Claus, Indiana only to be disappointed that Santa Claus was not there. The park offered a fun place for families to play including a Santa, a toy shop, toy displays, a restaurant, and themed rides. Over the years new rides and attractions were added to the park, all to help promote family-fun for everyone. In 1984 the Koch Family, who had been running the business since Louis J Koch started it, decided to look beyond just the Christmas holiday. They added two section were added: Halloween and Forth of July. With these additions they changed Santa Claus Land to Holiday World. The Addition of Splashin' Safari wasn't created till 1993. On the 60th anniversary of the Park they added its last holiday which was Thanksgiving.

The Park is open typically from May to October, but is only open for select dates. Typically June and July the park is open everyday and in July fireworks take place every Friday night when the park closed.  For these two months both Holiday World and Splashin' Safari are operating, but the hours vary. Most of May the park is open, but dates vary year to year. August through October the parks are typically open only on weekends. For September and part of October Splashin' Safari is closed due to the typically chilly weather. 

For those vacationing with family in Indiana this is a must-visit. The fun rides, delicious eateries, and Holiday fun make it a childhood wonderland. Experience the magic of Christmas, the excitement of the Fourth of July, the spookiness of Halloween, and the familiarity of Thanksgiving all in one place.